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Why Choose Matcha Instead of Coffee?

Lots of people like to wake up and sip a mug of coffee, but there are other options for breakfast beverages to delight the taste buds. For instance, why not make a green tea matcha latte your early morning drink? There are all sorts of reasons to consider a switch.

Sipping an iced green tea latte gives you tons of powerful antioxidants. The way matcha is made also means these are retained very well. It’s one of the most antioxidant-rich beverages you’ll ever find. The benefits of the antioxidants are varied. They can slow the metabolism, fight bacteria, and more.

A good matcha tea latte also helps regulate your energy. Coffee might give you the jitters and cause a crash later on. This won’t happen with a matcha latte. The caffeine comes out slowly and you can enjoy it for longer without the rapid absorption of coffee.

Need a calming beverage? Matcha tea lattes are great there too. Matcha contains L-theanine, which has been proven to help people sleep. The slow caffeine release will also cause feelings of calm. For those with anxiety, this amazing latte in a bottle doesn’t create the same shaking and palpitations of coffee.

Another thing that matcha lattes have on their side is that they won’t damage your teeth. They aren’t going to stain them and some people find they actually help with oral health. The antioxidants play a part in this by relieving symptoms of gum disease and fighting plaque.

As you can see, sipping an iced green tea latte could be even more helpful than that cup of coffee in the morning. When you order from MatchaKo, we offer a variety of lattes so you can choose the ones you like most. Try it out and see how it improves your mornings – and the rest of the day.