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The Best Ways to Enjoy MatchaKo in the Winter Months

The weather outside is cold and the last thing you want is to sip on a latte that is just as frigid. So what do you do? When you’re talking about MatchaKo and our green tea matcha latte, you have tons of options. While it’s a great way to enjoy a tasty beverage, it doesn’t have to be sipped straight from the refrigerator.

The best part is that you can enjoy your beverage with any flavor you like. If you’re a fan of the Starbucks matcha latte, add in your vanilla and enjoy. Try an almond milk matcha latte or add some cinnamon or chocolate for a whole new taste sensation.

Sure, MatchaKo can be enjoyed cold out of the fridge, but you don’t have to drink yours that way. If you’re adding other ingredients anyway, why not warm it up at the same time? There are two simple ways to do so and you can choose what works best for your needs.

The first option is to open up your matcha tea latte, add it to a pot, and heat it on the stove. The second is to pour it from the van into a mug and heat it using the microwave. The second is quicker but both will give you that great matcha taste without cooling yourself down when there’s snow outside.

MatchaKo is available from retailers in Southern California so you can pick it up and enjoy it right away. Or you can visit the website and make an order of oat milk matcha lattes, almond milk matcha lattes, unsweetened matcha, or even matcha lemonade.

No matter your taste buds or preferences for hot or cold matcha, you can find it through MatchaKo. Consider ordering our variety pack and trying each one to find your absolute favorite.