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Make Green Tea Matcha Lattes Your New At-Home Drink

Are you trying to find a better way to indulge your love of matcha than spending a small fortune at the drive-thru every week? Today, you have quite a few different options out there to choose from, including pre-made mixes and powders, but each has its own considerations. While the choice between ready-made and “some assembly required” matcha mixes is ultimately up to you, the former is a much simpler, more convenient option.

And, thanks to the selection available today, you can get high-quality green tea matcha latte drinks that are ready to enjoy for a lot less than you think. But what is matcha and why should you consider it?

If you’ve never had a matcha latte before, you’re not alone. Although matcha has been around for a long time, it hasn’t been as popular as it is recently. Matcha is a type of green tea that can be enjoyed hot or iced, as well as mixed with your favorite cow’s milk alternative, like oat or almond milk.

What does matcha taste like? Although many people report different tastes, the complex flavor of this drink includes notes of greens, a slight nuttiness, and a little bitterness that’s earthy and savory. The pleasant bitterness is the difference between high-quality matcha drinks and poorly made products (the lower-quality drinks will taste bitter in a way that is not enjoyable).

How hard is it to make matcha lattes at home? When you choose a pre-made, high-quality product like MatchaKo, it’s not that difficult at all. Simply decide whether you want to enjoy your green tea matcha latte hot or iced, then pour the drink into the appropriate glass, heat or add ice, and enjoy. It’s simple, it’s healthier than most lattes, and it’s a great way to get out of that drive-thru habit. Try it for yourself today.