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Is MatchaKo Better Than a Coffeehouse Almond Milk Matcha Latte?

Coffeehouse drinks are a great treat, but they’re just that: a treat. So many people get caught up in the daily latte grind, not realizing how many empty calories and other unnecessary ingredients they’re consuming. If you’re trying to find a healthier drink option, matcha might be your next move. After all, who doesn’t love a little green tea now and then? And when you mix it with almond milk, it creates a delicious, creamy latte that you can enjoy hot or iced.

But what about products like MatchaKo compared to a latte that you get at a drive-thru? For starters, you will always know what you’re getting when you choose a premixed matcha drink like this. You can count on high-quality ingredients and no extra fillers, as well as no sugars or sweeteners that you don’t want. That means you can enjoy more of the health benefits of green tea without the potential drawbacks.

Not only that, but at-home drinks are much more affordable than your local Starbucks or another coffee shop. You can create several drinks for the same price you’d pay for a single drink at a drive-thru, and you will have much more control over how they turn out. You can even try different kinds of milk than almond milk, such as oat milk, now and then to keep it interesting.

Sure, it’s easy to pull up to the speaker and order that perfect almond milk matcha latte with all the fixings, but it’s just as easy to open a MatchaKo almond milk matcha latte, pour it over ice or heat it, and enjoy a great latte right at home. Although “better” is a subjective term, you can see that there are certainly benefits that come from choosing MatchaKo over traditional drinks.