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How to Enjoy Matcha in the Summer

Matcha is a delicious and versatile beverage that can be enjoyed year-round. However, it is especially refreshing in the summer when you need a pick-me-up that won't leave you feeling dehydrated.

Here are a few tips on how to best enjoy matcha in the summer:

    • Use cold water or milk. Hot water can make matcha taste bitter, so it's best to use cold water or milk instead. This will help to preserve the delicate flavor of the matcha.
    • Add fruit or other flavors. Matcha is a blank canvas, so you can add your favorite fruits or flavors to create a refreshing and unique beverage. Some popular combinations include matcha with strawberries, matcha with raspberries, or matcha with coconut milk. This will help to add sweetness and flavor to the matcha, and it will also make it more visually appealing.
    • Blend it into a smoothie. Matcha is a great addition to smoothies, as it adds a boost of antioxidants and nutrients. This is a great way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, and it's also a delicious way to cool down on a hot day.
    • Freeze it into popsicles. Matcha popsicles are a fun and refreshing way to cool down on a hot day. Simply blend matcha powder with water or milk and freeze in popsicle molds. This is a great way to get your kids to enjoy matcha, and it's also a fun way to enjoy it yourself.
    • Drink a nice, cold can of Matchko! No matter how you enjoy it, matcha is a delicious and healthy beverage that is perfect for the summer. So next time you're looking for a refreshing and energizing drink, reach for a cup of matcha.

Here are some additional tips for enjoying matcha in the summer:

  • Use a high-quality matcha powder. This will ensure that you get the most out of the flavor and health benefits of matcha.
  • Steep the matcha for the correct amount of time. Oversteeping will make the matcha bitter, while understeeping will make it weak.
  • Add a sweetener if desired. Matcha has a slightly bitter taste, so you may want to add a sweetener to make it more palatable.
  • Experiment with different flavors. There are many different ways to enjoy matcha, so don't be afraid to experiment with different flavors and combinations.

I hope these tips help you enjoy matcha in the summer!

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